Kingdom Chiropractic and Natural Healthcare

I was born in Barton, VT and this is where I live and practice my natural and wholistic doctoring. I treat for longevity, wellness, acute emergency, and rehabilitative situations as a chiropractic physician (D.C.), osteopathic manual practitioner (B.O.M.P.), massage therapist (M.T.), certified personal trainer (C.P.T.) and kinesio tape practitioner (C.K.T.P.). Nutrition, herbology, stress management, and eclectic manual medicine diversity combine here to create the safest effective approach to treating pain and dysfunction in human nerves, muscles, joints, fascia, and other body systems. My techniques include Gonstead, Logan, Activator, Cox, Sacro-Occipital, Post-Neural Facilitation, Craniosacral, Mobilization, Visceral Manipulation, Still, Positional Release, Muscle Energy, Reflexology, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Traction, Touch of Health, Meditation, Deep Tissue, Effleurage, Myofascial Release, etc. Sessions can be at my home, yours, or at a spa, yet the latter 2 will cost extra. Most insurances accepted. Family practice for all ages.